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I have Doctorate (PhD) in Mulligan Concept. And have also been to Curtin university for further education in Manual Therapy. Receiving my education there, has made me understand what exactly a student looks for in an instructor. How a teacher presents a technique, increases the absorption & further facilitates an intellectual thinking in the direction of the delivery of that particular technique. I have been a student & I have been guided by the best in the profession, therefore I believe in teaching my students to the best of my potential. It’s been my experience that learning & grasping comes easily to a student, if taught professionally, keeping into consideration the caliber of each individual. But what comes, as a difficult aspect is the application of the technique taught. Here at CAPRI, our approach is a constructive one, stimulating the intellect & building an aptitude, which will help you to apply the learnt techniques with ease & modify them according to the condition. We respect your professional mettle & therefore do not spoon feed you, rather provide you with all the raw materials, which you can use to prepare the most exotic dish. This approach was found to be excellent by 90% of our students & good by 10%. This method of propagating manual therapy has been found to be very effective as it develops your insight into it rather than just introduce you to it. We lay a foundation for you on which you can build sky capers.

If you are still a student & think it’s too early to learn Manual therapy. Think again! Look at the stiff competition around you. Remember, that the day you graduate, there will be thousands of physiotherapists graduating nationwide the same day. To have an edge over them, there must be something special about you. Manual therapy would provide you with that edge. Moreover, learning at this stage comes naturally to you because you have been in touch with the process of studying. Hence grasping the techniques & assimilating them would be much easier for you. At this point of time, you do not have any other pre-occupations, except studying. So you can concentrate & absorb better right now. In case, you are a therapist into practice & are feeling a little low, reading the above. Then please, do not! You have two things, which you could not have had earlier, experience & a very sensitive pair of hands. And these two things will help you learn & grasp the clinical aspect of these techniques much more effectively. What I suggest is, don’t wait for another second. The right time to begin is right now.

Scheduled no. of days are sufficient to learn it. Learn it, I say, not master it! The division of the course is such that you will be able to grasp the concept behind all the techniques easily. Since it’s a hand on workshop, you will get to practice all the techniques till you feel confident about it. However, feedback from the students about the duration of the course shows that 90% of them found the duration perfect & only 10% found it a little short.

I said earlier, it would be taken care that each student has understood the basic principles behind the delivery of the technique. Also, adequate time is given to practice each of the techniques making the students feel more confident. In our feedback response; only 3% students felt that time duration per technique was little short as compared to 97% who found the duration just perfect.

As the great saying says “Nothing of great value comes Easy.” Definitely, if it had been really ease, anybody & everybody would be doing it. Here at CAPRI, we inculcate a sense of diligence in you such that you will start feeling comfortable with Manual therapy right from the word ‘go’. The CME workshops are such designed & managed that learning all the techniques becomes simpler. You have the best of faculty & an intellect-stimulating atmosphere to learn in. So worry not, even the toughest of techniques are taught in such in a way, that they will be a piece of cake to perform. According to our feedback data, 95% of students found it easy to learn it & only 5% found them a little difficult. I do not see a reason as to why you can’t be among the 95%. Moreover, it’s a fact that comprehension is only 7% if delivered verbally but a remarkable 87%, if delivered visually. Effective visuals decrease time taken for learning by 25% & increase retention. So we use our audiovisual presentation to increase your comprehension to optimum level. All we want you to do is keep all your senses open & be alert; we will do the rest for you.

To learn all the techniques, definitely yes, to master them all, dear friends, I myself cannot be called a master! Day after day, I am discovering different ways & different angles of delivering the same technique that is suitable to the patient. I assure you within scheduled no. of days you will learn it all. But it will need practice & more practice to develop more sensitive, trained, & skill-oriented pair of hands, which can perform any technique with delicacy & exquisite class. Well; Practice makes a man perfect. No, no, no.’ it makes a man permanent. What I construe here is that, if you don’t practice the techniques correctly you will be a master of mistakes. As it is said, you will find something new every time you read the same book & if you didn’t; you did not read it with enough concentration. Similarly just to practice & master all the techniques, I have taken up the same CME more than once. All I mean to say here is that learn, grasp & practice, but correctly from the very beginning.

As I said earlier, I’ve learnt from the very best in the profession. Being a student has given me an insight into the mindset of a student. And all my presentations, approach to teach and method of teaching are based on a student’s perspective. The idea is to make every second of your time worth it. You are most welcome to ask your doubts. You won’t believe it, but sometimes we learn from your doubts. It’s an interactive teaching approach & hence you’ll be able to learn & grasp better. Among my previous students, 95% felt that I definitely made it easier for them. Their response was encouraging for me & motivated me further to be a better teacher. I’ll tell you my secret; it’s the students who make an instructor good or bad. Their interest & response, is what motivates the instructor. All my previous students have made it an enlightening experience for me to teach them. And the fact, that you’ve taken up this much pain to reach to this web page, makes me sure that it’ll be really nice to teach you!

I personally believe that there’s no end to the quest of learning. And similarly, there can be no measurement of knowledge. My knowledge might be like an ‘ocean’ as compared to few & only a dewdrop as compared to others. But one thing is for sure, I believe in doing my homework sincerely. And I let my work speak for myself. If you have faith in me, my knowledge would be more than sufficient for you to benefit from and I don’t state this as a personal opinion but based on a feedback from my students. 90% of them have noted my knowledge to be excellent & 10% found it to be good. I would suggest you to experience it for yourself.

Of course, why not! Learning manual therapy does not require a particular experience. Rather it requires a perceptive & a keen mind, ready to assimilate knowledge & a willing pair of hands to master the skills required to deliver these fine techniques with finesse. To make it convenient, we start from the basics, so it really does not matter for us whether you are an experienced therapist or a 3rd year student. We begin from the scratch. In fact, if you are an experienced therapist, you will be able to understand the clinical application of the techniques. And if you are a student, then it will be much easier to grasp these techniques as you are still in touch with the process of learning. So as every coin has two sides, whenever you decide to learn manual therapy, it will have its advantages as well as drawbacks. So I suggest, right now is the ideal time to learn manual therapy.

Excellent! Have said 93% of my students & 7% have found them very good. Since they are based on international standards, the books provided to you are amongst the best. I am sure reading them would give you a sense of fulfillment

Well, I believe every time you read a book you find something new. The study material provided to you has pearls of wisdom that will enlighten you throughout your life. Our students also second this opinion; 95% of them have found them to be more than sufficient & 5% to be absolutely sufficient.

Yes, this will definitely help you and also add invaluable weighage to your professional resume. Since I am certified Manual therapy teacher, certificates issued by me is recognized internationally & also carry credentials. Moreover, having learnt these techniques in Australia, my teaching standards are comparable to international standards. I’ve been there, learnt among them & by them and this has helped me to develop an understanding about their working & their expectations out of a physiotherapist. So, not only the curriculum but the approach of teaching also revolves around the international principles recognized & accepted worldwide.

Being certified Manual Therapy teacher, it goes without saying that the content of the course will strictly abide by the rules laid for the international curriculum in Manual therapy. It would cover all the basic fundamentals & principles in such a way, that at the end of it, you will be able to call yourself an efficient manual therapist with confidence. The feedback we received about the content of the course from the students’ point of view reconfirms our assertion. 93% of our students found it to excellent & 7% found it to be very good.

There can be no price put on knowledge, it’s invaluable. When I personally went to Australia to learn these techniques, I was also apprehensive about the cost. But I still went ahead with it & till date I am happy that I took this decision. This course, of international standards is coming to you at a price, which is miniscule. Believe me, going abroad & learning it would cost you a fortune! My idea here is not to earn but to share & impart whatever little I have learnt, so that physiotherapy can come up as a prime health science associated with pain relief.

To this question, I usually say ‘it’s now or never’. But if because of some really formidable reason you cannot take up the course now, we keep on conducting CMEs for subsequent batches. Though I cannot promise for the fees to stay the same, the quality would always be on the rise.

Absolutely yes, if you work with dedication during the duration of the course, you can elicit much more than value of your money from the course. I have always maintained, that as a teacher, I am at my best when my students show & take interest There is no way that you will be disappointed at the end of the course, if you are willing to work the way, I guide you to. In-fact when asked whether, my students would recommend this course to their friends. 100% of them said a Yes. And with that response, I was a satisfied man at the end of the day.

The certificates would be issued by CAPRI INSTITUTE OF MANUAL THERAPY, a registered company offering Physiotherapy services and education since 1992 & they’ll be duly signed by me (Deepak Kumar). Since I am a certified Manual Therapy teacher and Doctorate (PhD) in Mulligan Concept, certificates issued by me are accepted internationally & carry good credentials.

The certificates issued by Capri are accepted in majority of the countries and have earned high respect and credibility in last 22 years. It is worthy to note that Deepak Kumar is PhD Manual Therapy (Mulligan Concept). Moreover, Capri Institute of Manual Therapy is a registered body and issues transcripts after course completion. Thousands of students trained by us are successfully practicing Manual Therapy in their respective countries. 

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