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Physiotherapy Redefined at Capri

‘It may not add quantity to life, 
but it definitely adds quality to it.’


As the name itself implies ‘PHYSIO’ means physical & ‘THERAPY’ means maneuvers, which affect in a beneficial way. It’s an upcoming branch of health sciences which deals with providing pain relief by means of physical agents. The physical energy can be used either in its primary form i.e. light, sound, heat and cold or biomechanical energy OR secondarily, as a means for administration of certain medicines through / with the help of primary forms eg. Iontophoresis / Phonophoresis etc.

It is fruitful in approach, grand in status & worthy in its effectiveness, which passes through assessment program & ends with an appropriate & worthy Rehabilitation. It works as a preventive measure as well as curative one and serves as an advanced treatment program.

Physiotherapy is an artistic science, for it requires acquisition of extreme skill to make apt use of all the energies to best of their potential. Medicine has advanced & ventured into various aspects of pain relief, physiotherapy is one of them. And one aspect which sets it apart from the rest, is the fact, that it has no adverse side-effects, whatsoever , i.e. if delivered properly, by a well qualified physiotherapist to a suitable patient at appropriate time.

A therapeutic combination of Electrotherapy, Exercise therapy & Manual therapy, physiotherapy comes as an obvious choice for patients who want pain relief without any adverse affects & a healthier lifestyle with long term pain management. It shows maximum effectiveness not only in the neurological, musculoskeletal, rheumatologic, cardiopulmonary conditions & sports injury, but also serves as an obligatory means during their pre & post -operative periods. Physical therapy also plays a significant role in Obstetrics & Gynecological conditions, skin disorder, burns/plastic surgery, dentistry, & ENT etc.

Ergonomic branch of it comes as bliss for ambitious companies, who have high endeavors, for it helps to maintain the efficiency of its workers in terms of their posture & physical health, thereby increasing their productivity. Physiotherapy also comes as a revolutionary rehabilitative science in terms of restoration of ambulation & functional range of motion, giving a new dimension to post surgical rehabilitation.

Pain, the enemy, is actually a friend. It is a protective phenomenon indicating that something is wrong with your body. It is unwise to ignore it & advisable to manage it in a correct manner. Physiotherapy opens the avenues to achieve maximum pain-relief & restoration of functional activities, concomitant with nature. So, we do not see a reason as to why, must you suffer this pain & agony, when we are right here to help you.

Physiotherapy as a field of health science has undergone a dramatic change over the last decade. Now, manual therapy techniques are available with the help of which an experienced physiotherapist (Manual Therapist) can cure any kind of pain & stiffness in 1-3 visits only. That saves patient's time & money. In turn, the physiotherapist is being recognized in his efforts by his patient & the members of health care profession. Just under your skin there is an expansive landscape of ingeniously constructed component. If one aspect is not functioning the way it should, it may only take the slightest adjustment to put it right. Yes, with Manipulative Physiotherapy at CAPRI it is possible.

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